Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Power Of Positivity and Song

I get so much more than I give when it comes to my singing workshops.
Coming out of the SoulTrain group last night, I drove home as high as a kite with complicated harmonies chasing each other in my head all the way down the motorway.
This year, the numbers have gone up to 14, and we have some more experienced singers who are good readers in each section. They are able to help the less experienced (my choir is open to all levels of proficiency!). The result is that we are able to tackle more ambitious arrangements and twiddle with detail in a satisfying way. I like to write each each arrangement especially for them and we usually do it in situ, together, so that they can see it evolve. They astound me with their ability to pronounce English so well. There are quite a lot of teachers lurking in there, I think.

Tonight it is the turn of the individuals for vocal coaching. I suggest songs for them to learn, but they also come up with their own, which vary in their suitability for their experience, sometimes quite dramatically! There is something about the immediacy of self expression in the voice which combines extreme exposure and vulnerability with great feelings of achievement when it works out well. The fact that they adore the song they have chosen gives that energy to overcome the technical obstacles (with a bit of help...)

I am missing my autistic musicians, but they are too much for me at the moment. The hospital is thinking about replacing me, so what will be will be.

I am in a count my blessings sort of mood today. And they are many...

If only I could get the midi to work properly on my new shiny sound card aargh

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