Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chocolate, Goats and sound cards, but not in that order.

I am having trouble concentrating because Masterchef keeps parading wonderful dishes in front of me, eye candy indeed. I wanted to tell you all about my struggles to make my sound card work with my big complicated music software, and all I can do is lust after chocolate.

Does anyone else suffer from instruction manual blind spot? I keep looking at the sentences, they seem to be in English, but when the words are combined, the sense seems to leak out. So I take to twiddling. I like to think that it is not completely random, since I can usually make things work by tinkering.

And finally my sound card was tweaked into action, with a click on this and that, a reboot here and there, and though I say it myself, the inspired plugging in of an output cable to its own input channel risking feedback loops and other disasters darkly predicted by sound engineers.

Mysweet has rather a naughty sense of humour. He was on a website forum last night for English expatriots living in France and came across an anguished plea from a goat keeper for someone to take a beloved young male goat (10 months old and castrated). He used to keep goats in America and is, how shall I say, unsentimental about them. Rather like the French.
He left a reply politely suggesting that the owner should eat it, and leaving a recipe.
He was surprised to find that the comment had been removed from the forum today.
I wasn't...

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