Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Back to work

It is back to work this evening.
Three hours and a quarter of singing workshops after a two week break. I have kept depression at bay up to now, but I must admit that today the mood is grumpy and wondering how to cope.

It is Steve Jobs fault. Soldiering on till 6 weeks before he died. As head of a corporation...or whatever it was... see, I am still confused! He has raised the bar too high for mere mortals.

Even so, I am convinced that it is the right way. To carry on doing whatever it is that you do and keep a hold on life. It is getting the balance right that is difficult. To accept when you can't do something and push yourself just that little bit to something still within reach.

Here's Darling D singing in a romantic chateau in an open air festival with Bumpkin Island this summer, just to cheer up anyone else that needs it...

Alone - Bumpkin Island (Live) from bumpkin island on Vimeo.

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