Friday, October 24, 2008

a little break in transmission

Yes, we are actually going away on holiday for a few days next week.
This will be our anniversary celebration.
We are going to the mountains to stay in a gite and do lots of walking, you know... up and down hills... that sort of thing.
To Cantal in Auvergne, where the cheese comes from.
To a little place called Fontanges. Where the angels come from?

There is a woodstove with free wood (which was, no doubt, high on the list of priorities of the person who booked the holiday, Mysweet H).

I am looking forward to having time to reflect on important matters, like what to have for dinner and which wine to drink with it.


Daisy said...

Ooh, nice! Sounds lovely, and I hope the weather stays nice and bright for you. Enjoy the cheese!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful anniversary getaway!

Zhoen said...

On vacation, I leave my watch at home, or pack it in a bag if I have to have it to reach the destination. Leaving measured time behind.

Mike said...

There's just no warmth that can compare with that of a woodstove.

Enjoy your time away.

Suzy said...

What time do you want me there?

Suzy said...

What time do you want me there?

amy said...

What a treat - enjoy yourselves. Sounds so cozy and restful!

Lucy said...

Ah, woodstoves!

Anonymous said...

great, I'll be able to party party party for a whole week!

dont worry, the house wont burn down!
lov u
your darling d

Anonymous said...

Bon voyage et bon retour.

Anonymous said...


I love the "tasteful costumes" pic the best. There doesn't appear to be a proper pipe exiting that wash basin.