Friday, July 25, 2008


I was cleaning the house this morning (unusual in itself) and started to have a series of blog post moments;
1 How often do other people clean their houses?
Is it different when you have children?
A young ones...yes you clean a lot so they don't eat fly droppings and die.
B adolescents...never...they are too old to die of fly droppings and they untidy everything immediately so there is no point.
Is your partner is tidy or untidy? Is there some universal law that you will never ever be sexually attracted to someone with the same level of tidiness needs as yourself? Do you clean up after them or are you cleaned up after? Or do you compromise somewhere between the two standards?
2 The spider next to the light switch in the kitchen flinched as I turned the light on to swill out the more obscure areas of muck...and then was executed by the back of the broom.
Is it better to die quickly or know in advance ? says my racing brain with uncomfortable empathy. A stream of images floods in to my head of dramatic deathbed farewells and of instantaneous motorway car crashes with blood and ambulances.

Am I just thinking of blog posts to avoid getting on with my book?
When I wrote that scene yesterday, I planned it a certain way and then the characters took over and it was completely different. How is it that characters know what they want to do? I should know best after all.
What if they...?

And then Mysweet H comes down the stairs after his bath.
"What is all that banging and crashing? You are manic again arent you? I can always tell..."


Lucy said...

From a pretty small cross-section of experience, I think your theory of not being attracted to anyone as tidy as oneself seems to be a good one.

I am the scuzzy slob in our household, unfortunately, I have finished up being the one doing most of the cleaning, since Tom has finished up spending his retirement and impending old age in heavy manual labour worthy of a navvy I sort of feel it's the least I can do, but you see I have no calling for it. All rather unfortunate really...

Do you know I never really encountered fly droppings until coming here?

Mike said...

Interesting because I am the tidy one and my wife is the messy one and we are still married after 352 years.

Or is it 353?

I lose track.

Suzy said...

I once lived with a guy who was cleaner and neater than I am, and I'm fairly up there in the annals of clean. Eventually he drove me crazy. C R A Z Y. He's gone now.

Anonymous said...

A is dead right. I sweep constantly. The Dyson appears less frequently. Washing up gets done regularly. Meal detritus is shaken from the sofa cover (the sofa's real self only emerges at night during adult conversation/mindless tele-watching time.)

As for the mutual tidiness/attraction ratio, we comprise a sort of unholy pairing: I am a neat hoarder; Em is a chuck-it-all-out messaholic.

Interestingly, one of my most vivid memories from my first visit to France (sorry - Breizh) is of curling yellow flypapers heavy with victims.

Rosie said...

is there such a thing as a neat hoarder?

Brittany is the fly dropping centre of the universe. It's all those chicken and pig farms.And now we have our own feathered friends to make things worse.

Suzie are you sure you dont mmean anal?

Mike I trump your 353 with a gazillion...

Leslie: said...

Oh my gosh, sometimes I go off on those same reveries. Great minds think alike, so they say. lol

Anonymous said...

I must have tidiness but can live with a certain amount of dust. When it gets too much, I do get grouchy and manic with the vacuum and HE who is not tidy, doesn't like it so I try to do it when he's at work. Kids are kids, I'm now dealing with the grandkids' fingerprints and crumbs everywhere!

Casdok said...

Your mind has been working overtime!!
I clean as i go, so much easier.

meggie said...

Sitting here laughing like an idiot!
I do those same posts in the head!
I did, however, flinch when you killed the spider. I would have liberated it.

Omykiss said...

The two men I've lived with are both untidy in their own ways. Man number one, hoarded books and papers; man number two hoards just about everything .....

I'm the opposite. I throw stuff away. I'm not a cleanliness freak or anything but I do like to be able to find things when I want them so I am quite tidy. As for the men .. I just leave them tothe ir own way devices.

Good luck with the music application.

hexe said...

Rosie - Since you asked, I made the cake one morning and froze it for ten days. I made the praline past in an hour one morning. I spent the better part of a morning making the swiss buttercream, whipping cream and putting the cake together. I then spent a few hours that night wih the galze and the damn ganache that wouldn't thicken. Decorating took longer that I expected because I needed to make more swiss buttercream as the top of cak was bumpy not smooth and I wanted to cover it. My inexperience means everything takes twice as long.

Angela said...

Hey, what a terrible picture of me! I will invite you to my facebook page so you can see the one of us.
I absolutely love your colours of kerala project. Or as much of it that is on the net. Next time we come round I demand that Yann put it on.
Or are you about to go on tour? The Black Forest might be attractive to you..
Where do I find the "stage" info? About lessons, I mean.
Anyway, it was great to meet and hear you!
And thanks again for a great show!!

Angela said...

oh, I am not an experienced blogger. I had no idea this was the cleaning post answer section.

As a single mom earning/working for money most of the time, I have no time to clean. And my 6 year old daughter is not about to jump in there. So I developed a tolerance for mess. Which is easy as I am outside of the flat more than inside the flat. But when week-ends come round it drives me mad. So either I flee or grab the broom.
Spiders cause my daughter to scream. So I have also developed a tolerance for spiders. But if you are bothered with the fly droppings you should breed them, I think it would help, no?
I wonder if I will ever be sexually attracted to anyone who is compatible on any other level.
And finally: bets to die fast. definately. when its over, don't hang around longer than neccessary. Broomstick was probably a blessing for the spider.

Rosie said...

angela... glad you made it here. It was lovely to meet you too!