Thursday, February 14, 2008

One man's noise is another man's...

I feel a little bit let down today, my sweet H is thousands of miles away on Valentines day, and I could be tetchy and bad tempered if I put my mind to it.

Any minute now, Drummer boy will be arriving with girlfriend, for whom he is cooking a romantic chicken and pineapple curry. He is copying one that I made earlier this week. I have written the recipe down for him, but he has never even cooked rice before and he wants to impress. I am supposed to hover nearby in case he needs help, but on no account am I to volunteer it and make him look stupid...mmm
Darling d and I are both without a date for tonight and will be eating away our ennuies together with the help of a lot of Mexican chilli sauce.

I decided to give my autistic students a run for their money earlier, and I gave them a rousing, perhaps a little idiosyncratic, performance of Love is a rebellious bird from Carmen...
On my way out, a carer said: "They seem to really enjoy it, but it's a pity they have to make so much noise."

It must have been my last chorus of "L'amour", where I got a bit carried away.

Hmmph! I'm off to make some noise on the piano.

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meggie said...

I hope you played up a storm!!