Monday, January 21, 2008

Preparations for flight

As the time draws closer to my sweet H's adventure in India, he is subject to strange urges. He wants to leave his house in order, it seems to me. He has proudly brought home half a forest for my delectation. I am informed that it will heat us for the next five years. I hope he does not stay away quite as long as that...
I wish that it was possible to burn wood without using a wood stove. I'm sure I remember my mum having a hole in the wall under a chimney, called a fireplace, and burning coal in it. It is true that all the heat disappeared up the chimney, but it was so much easier, though nearly as messy. At least you could get at it and see what you were doing.
Frankly, wood stoves make me feel inadequate. I get through my own body weight in fire lighters every time I try to light one and keep it going. Darling D always seems to be calling the same dreaded words up the stairs to the office:
"Mum, the stove's gone out again!"

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meggie said...

I know that inadequacy in lighting fires! Once, we had to light a fire under a copper to get hot water, & also to wash our clothes. I could never get it started, nor could I get it to boil. My girlfriend had to do that chore.
Once I was married, we had a fireplace as our means of heating in winter. I hated trying to get the wretched thing alight. I would never make a pyromaniac!