Saturday, January 19, 2008

Which side of the pavement do you walk on?

Yesterday, my fellow blogger Lucy bravely came out for a walk with Porridge the canine bowling ball and myself. Happily, Lucy and I had both eaten sufficient chocolate cake to be heavier than usual and so more difficult to strike down. The forest also offered us a little protection.
Walking in town poses other problems:
It’s taken me 15 years to notice… but the French walk on the other side of the pavement as well as driving on the other side of the road. For 15 years I have danced a little dance when meeting a fellow pedestrian without knowing why.
It was only when walking along with Porridge that all became clear.
We would meet another dog and I would try to pass them “driving to the left”, my sword arm poised and ready to fend off aggressors to my right and Porridge safely out of harms way, wedged against a wall to my left.
But no, they always try to "drive to the right", leaving the dogs free to leap at each other, (well, Porridge anyway), and become a tangled knot of leads in seconds.

Ooops that is a lot more than 30 words, Lucy, I envy your continence.


meggie said...

It was very nice to read! Fills in the gaps that Lucy's sparseness left us wondering about!
What fun Porridge sounds.
I had never thought about which side of the pavement right sided drivers would walk!

Lucy said...

Well how funny, I'd never noticed that! I suppose I don't get to many places with pavements...
I know my rellies in Australia say they still get accused of being pommies after nearly 40 years there because they stand on the wrong side of escalators.

Rosie said...

Porridge has turned out to be useful at last, revealing a little known aspect of French culture...

hexe said...

I don't have a dog, but when walking the children, I usually pull them to the right upon meeting someone of the sidewalk. Never thought about until you asked but I appear to be a creature of habit once I thought about it.