Sunday, December 9, 2007

The good, the bad and the beautiful (Helen)

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

The good news:
At last, we have got a shiny cup. It isn’t for beauty, and probably never will be, because Porridge’s nose is getting pinker and pinker. Strange how noses can so often interfere with beauty. It is for OBEDIENCE. (Yes, I am surprised as well).

The bad news:

(i) is that the automatic gearbox on the BMW estate died whilst I was about to leave pistage at Sunday lunchtime for my 25 kilometre drive home.

(ii) is that although I had 2 mobile phones with me, one of them was my old SFR which was cancelled from Saturday, and the other was my new Orange which hasn’t started working yet, although it was supposed to start working Saturday lunchtime.

(iii) is that the tempest which had been politely holding back and lulling me into a false sense of security suddenly let rip at the same moment.

(iv) is that all my fellow pisteurs took off smartly for lunch,

except for Helen and Henri, who rescued me and got drenched…

Thank you Helen for being the bearer of the shiny cup and doggy treats, three Christmas crackers that you had spare and you thought that the children might like, a piece of Christmas cake that I haven’t eaten yet but looks great, the loan of your phone to consult my sweet H to find out what to do, and last but not least for driving me 50 kilometres out of your way. You are a star.

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Lucy said...

How nice to have such friends. How irksome to have a car that is subject to failure. Glad you got back all right bearing Christmas goodies like Bob Cratchett.
The cat is amongst the most beautiful I have ever seen, and bravo Porridge for the cup! She'd best not meet Molly or I'll be put to shame.