Monday, May 28, 2012

A song for the Chaos

Some places are just special. And it is hard to explain why. I have tried your patience for a while now,  keeping on about this particular place. I have tried to get it out of my system by writing a song about it and performing it on video, but I make no promises. I expect it will be cropping up again from time to time...


tristan said...

can't crop up too often !!!

Anne said...

A beautiful song and a beautiful place to take one's sorrows. I love those drums too.

lulette said...

Hello Rosie!
Well ... you've just made my day (at least)!
First, I discover this wonderful instrument I had never seen nor heard of (but had already heard the sound of it)
Second, your song is beautifully relaxing.
And third you've had me want to visit Brittany again where I partly grew up.
So here's a big THANK YOU!