Friday, May 25, 2012

Les chaos du Gouët

We went down to the Chaos today to video a song of mine.
We got there early in the morning and everything was shrouded in mist.
And then the sun burnt it off and it became so hot that the hand pan went out of tune the moment a shaft of sunlight touched it. It was precarious at times on the narrow pathways and the slippery mossy rocks and I wondered whether we, the instruments and the equipment would all end up in the water. But we needn't have worried.
Porridge, (the assistant director),  jumped in to the river a couple of times to bring back sticks, but no one else fell in.... And then she slept in the sun while we did all the work.


Zhoen said...

Ideal job for a dog, retrieving drumsticks.

Anne said...

That looks like fun. Porridge had the right idea. Get wet.