Friday, May 4, 2012

My favourite walk

I have lived in Brittany for over 20 years now.
In the winter, it can be difficult to cope with grey skies and rain and I long for the city...any city.
In the summer, it is quite stunningly beautiful. All that rain creates a lush green landscape and when the clouds clear it sparkles in the sunlight.
Even in the depths of winter there is one place that I go to, very close to where I live, which simply nourishes the soul. It is never crowded and always different. The sound of the water is a soothing background to even the most troubled thoughts. Time stands still. I walk the banks of the river and fall into a meditative trance...

And then Porridge barks and I have to throw sticks into the water. She likes it there too.

Les Chaos du Gouët par guyomdeSinope


Lucy said...

It is lovely there isn't it? That video was a nice find too.

marja-leena said...

I can see why you love it - all those gorgeous rocks, moving clean water, and the greenery. Nice video!

Zhoen said...

My feet long to dip into that stream.

Anne said...

What a wonderful thing water is.