Friday, September 16, 2011

Back in the saddle

Today was my first proper day out of the house, driving, and a new job as a voice over artist for a French internet company. It was fun, and easy... can't say better than that!
I'm still feeling a bit weak, but ready for some action as well.

On Monday, I finally admitted to myself that my beloved kindle was getting stripey lines on it, and they weren't going away, and I should try and do something while it is still under guarantee.
I sent an email to amazon in America, was astounded when they phoned me at their cost almost immediately and said they would send me a new one, and it would arrive next week. They will pay for me to send the faulty one back. The man in customer service had a bed side manner that radiated across the Atlantic and made my weak knees even weaker...
My new kindle arrived THIS MORNING by special delivery. Now that is service.

I'm afraid that customer service in France is not deeply ingrained into the culture.
When I lived in the very isolated centre of Brittany, I went to the largest town there to get a quote for a large number of photocopies. An old lady behind the counter suggested a very high price. I said, "but I have just had some done in StBrieuc ( a coastal town ) for much less.."

"Well go back there then!" she snapped.

I did...I live there now!


marja-leena said...

Catching up with your goings-on.... glad your operation went well and you are recovering quickly.

I'm impressed with the service you received in your kindle!

Zhoen said...

Oh, happy, happy on the Kindle.

Stuart and Gabrielle said...

Goodness, what a month! We're glad to hear that you've emerged on the other side of all that pain ... and that the Kindle made it through too. Best wishes for a thorough recovery,
Stuart and Gabrielle

Lucy said...

Hooray and thrice hooray!