Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our school, which I hope is not unique

There has recently been a television program exposing the ill treatment of mentally handicapped people in an institution in England. I am sorry to say that I could not bear to watch beyond the very first part of it, although I suppose that I should have done. I could not stop imagining my own students in this situation. For the parents of children like them, it must have been a confirmation of their worst nightmares.
I thought about the recent incident when one of my students had become difficult. He was holding onto what was left of my shirt with such a tight grip. We were surrounded by three other carers. Slowly and gently, they prised his fingers away, and reassured him...and me!
Not every school and hospital is the same.
I see real caring and affection for the students where I work, even though I am there only two hours a week. It is still unmistakeable, woven into every action and word spoken by the staff.

But...if I was looking to place my handicapped child somewhere... I would be even more worried than before.

Anyway, today's hot news:
The girl who loves keys has a new pair of glasses which cover up her astonishing large cornflower blue eyes, and she has been persuaded to wear them at last. She also surprised me by singing along with a Bob Marley song Is this Love, which she must have learned at home.
The shirt removing boy, who is now to be known as the boy who loves ponies (because he does), was very happy today, and went off to equitation after music with his hat on back to front, he was so enthusiastic.
The boy who just says oui wasnt there. He is off to try out a new establishment for adults (he is now in his twenties I seem to remember) He will be back though, it is just a try out.
Everyone else danced a bit sang a bit and made me feel very happy indeed, which is probably not the object of the exercise, but, why not?


Lucy said...

No, I can't watch those programmes either, which makes me feel guilty.

Hooray for the ponies!

Zhoen said...

The object of all exercises should be, at least in part, happiness.

I can't watch, either. I know, and I have nightmares enough.

julia said...

I didn't watch it either and I also feel guilty but, as someone once said (was it Voltaire?) one must tend one's own garden which I interpret as caring for one's own corner of the world and not being distracted and disheartened by all that is beyond our control.

And yes, shared happiness should be the object of the exercise

Anne said...

How wonderful it is that there are schools like yours. I guess one needs to know about cruelty, but why would anyone want to watch it?