Monday, April 11, 2011

April Resolutions

I didn't manage anything at New Year, so these resolutions are a bit late.

I must:
1 Try and remember that when depression strikes it is likely to be shortlived, since I am fortunate enough to be a rapid cycling manic depressive, and will soon pass from lethargic and weepy to running round achieving very little and shouting at people and animals...and then back again.
2 Write sentences of less than fifty words. I am not Jane Austin.
3 Not let the fact that I have nothing of profound interest to say stop me from blogging. There would be nothing on the web at all if everyone was held back by such concerns.
4 Remember to worm Porridge


Zhoen said...

Spring resolutions make more sense anyway.

Frankofile said...

Profundity is for Porridge, who understands the important things in life. The rest of us can delight in your Everyday.

Rosie said...

I think we can add to the list, remember to wash Porridge's trousers...

Jo said...

I love your resolutions, except the one about shorter sentences, for which I have a particular affinity, whether people choose to accuse me of imitating Jane Austen or not.

The most important resolution seems to be #4. Please keep that one.

Dorothy Handelman said...

I enjoyed reading your blog about your life in a faraway place. April Resolutions made some very good points!
Keep up the good work-