Monday, February 1, 2010

The loneliness of the long distance cyclist

Here is Darling D performing one of her own songs with her trio.
It was at a cyclists' convention, and their performance followed a rather long film in a rather cold hall about next year's race...and my chair was rather hard...
Just as well they were worth waiting for.


20th Century Woman said...

A lovely voice. What talent. Her song reminds me of the songs and style of a group started by my cousin's son, Arthur Gilette. That group is called "Moriarity", and they perform out of Paris. I wonder whether you know of them.

Lia said...

She has such a lovely haunting quality to her voice in this song. How wonderful to be that young, pretty and talented.
I really liked that performance.

Much love

Rosie said...

thanks for your appreciation, ladies!
I will go and google moriarity...or do you mean Moriarty I wonder.
Lia her voice is more mature than mine was at her age!

20th Century Woman said...

Yes, of course, it's Moriarty. And I spelled Arthur's name wrong, too. It is Gillette. I think you will like the group if you don't know it.