Thursday, January 28, 2010

spam fritters

Ok, I give in. I am now getting an average of two spamming comments a day, sometimes in chinese, mostly without any sense (even business...). They are usually right back in old posts that people are most unlikely to visit. If anyone can tell me what these spammers have to gain, I would like to know. However, you will have to tell me using word verification now! Sorry.

But it is just taking too much time to follow these idiots round and sweep up their droppings.

Quiet time with the autistic musicians this morning. We tinkled some fairy bells and pressed hundreds of buttons on the keyboard and suddenly Ode to Joy pumped out majestically much to our surprise and delight. There are many new surprises stored in that keyboard. I am quite enjoying not knowing how it works. And another busy time this weekend with a two day workshop on SOUL MUSIC.
Do you like good music? Yeah yeah!


CJ said...

May be you can start comment moderation. It keeps spammers away.

amy said...

I've been having the same trouble lately! I don't like doing comment moderation, but it is a pain having these things show up, lovely as the odd characters are to look at...

20th Century Woman said...

My blog is on Word press, and it has a spam catcher that takes care of all that spam. New commenters wait moderation, but those who have commented previously are posted immediately. Lately I have been getting a new kind of spam that goes something like "Great blog, I love your interesting information. I can use your ideas" -- stuff like that. At first the spam catcher missed those, but now it has learned. I get about 15 or 20 spam messages a day, mostly about drugs, and for a while I got a great many in Russian.

Zhoen said...

1. Report them to blogger as spam.
2. Delete them immediately.

Anything that doesn't quite feel like a real comment, isn't.

I have not had any issues with my livejournal account, but then, it's mostly a private blog.

Lia said...

I was hoping you were going to show me how to make spam fritters from my childhood.
It wasn't and now I want some lol

A lot of people are having the same trouble as you, I have read lots recently about this. They must be on commission for each one they post.

Comment moderation is really the only way around it. Shame that it is, it does stop most of it.
Hope it clears up soon.
Much love

Suzy said...

Nothing you can do (we're all getting them on old posts) but set comment moderation. I have it set for 3 days. Anything older gets moderated and sent to my email inbox where I mark it accept or reject. Make sure your settings in Dashboard are so that all your comments get sent to you. Saves a ton of time looking back and forth.

Lucy said...

I've found the verification deals with most of them, but it's obviously got worse here. I always report them to Blogger if I can, some are both anonymous and clearly of human enough agency to get through the verification, but not many.

Hope the soul stuff's going well!

Rosie said...

thanks for your tips everyone.I am now moderating...And I have discovered a group of ardent soul fans on the northern coast of Brittany

julia said...

A great many malware writers use blogs as a way to distribute their malicious code. You click on a link to what seems to be a blog and when you access the site the code is downloaded to your computer and sets about it's evil intentions.
Aside from that spammers make hundreds of thousands of pounds yearly selling duff drugs, fake watches and knock-off software.
And do not get me started on the phishers who lure you to fake websites pretending to be your bank and happily harvest your account details if you are fooled into 'logging on'
The computer malware business earns more than the drugs trade and prostitution together
Beware Geeks Bearing Gifts!
Sorry, close to my heart!
Safe surfing one and all!

French Fancy... said...

I share your spam sorrow. I still won't use word veri though - I just use blog moderation on posts older than ten days.

I once made the mistake of using a translator tool to see what the Chinese one kept flogging - why did I bother? Of course I should have known what it said.

French Fancy... said...

ah, you do blog moderation as well as word veri - why use both? Just wondering. It's a pet hate of mine.

Rosie said...

ff you are right it is belt and braces...I will try just moderating with no word veri and see if they leave me alone