Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The arrival of Pink Piggie

Porridge is on a diet. She is now on a regime of pig-bitingly expensive lite biscuits for over weight dogs (so it says on the packet). I haven't told her this since I don't want to undermine her self confidence, but the vet has recommended it...
I suspect that she is supplementing her diet, because our next door neighbour keeps hanging balls of grease and nuts in his bushes for the birds, and he keeps finding the empty nets on the ground very soon afterwards. Also, around the fire at night strange and terrible smells circulate, causing the three of us to hurl unkind accusations at each other before glaring at Porridge, who is pretending to be asleep.
In spite of this, I felt that she deserved a treat. So when the purveyor of the expensive biscuits sent me a free voucher because I had spent such a lot of money with them, I raced to their shop, determined to spend the exact value of the voucher and certainly no more .
And then I saw it.
I could hear Mysweet's voice in my imagination shouting "Cherche.. Pink Piggie!!", and hurling it across the room. You will gather (correctly) from this that Porridge is a bi-lingual dog.
I thought it would make a nice change from chicken, which is our usual meaty toy.
Luckily Darling D was there to take photos of the historic and joyful meeting between the three parties concerned.


Casdok said...

Looks like Pink Piggie and Porridge are going to have hours of fun!
Happy new year.

Zhoen said...

Pig and dog is friends.

Frankofile said...

Sky is happy for Porridge. Every dog needs a new toy now and then -

French Fancy... said...

What a gorgeous dog - she thoroughly deserves her piggy. As for our two bichons - they have a box full of toys but their most exciting thing is when Mr FF pulls off his socks and throws them in the air.

Anonymous said...

Porridge' pink pig looks like lots of fun- does it make an oink oink sound.
We got Angus, our dog a plush cow that goes Moo if he nudges it in the right right area over the New Year. He is such a gentle dog, we know it will last for ages as he picks it ever so gently then licks as if its a puppy he is cleaning.

My daughter's dog is not so gentle, so it will be put away when she is around.

Anonymous said...

A happy, prosperous and creative 2010, the way.

Dingo said...

Porridge isn't fat! She's just well insulated.

Lia said...

Oh what a sweet little toy for porridge, I hope porridge gets hours of fun from pink piggy.
Any way porridge doesn't look fat, it's justa well padded winter coat to help cope with the snow lol.
Much love

Lucy said...

Does pp squeak?

Porridge has such a beautiful profile!

Meggie said...

Porridge is a very lucky girl!! My daughter would covet that pig!