Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So you think I'm unstable,eh?

Well that's what they said.
When we discovered that it still wasnt working.
And we called up yet again on an expensive mobile phone.
And they tested the line...again.
After the man in the box had charged us 100 euros to replace a bit of phone line in our house (no wonder he was smiling).
"Oh yes, madame, you are right. You are unstable." said the nice woman, after she had tested it. "We will have to send the nacelle around again".
Nice word , nacelle, isnt it? For a box on a bendy stick.
Tomorrow or the next day, the nacelle will be wobbling up the driveway again, ready to crack some more stones on the terrace, and presumably full of more smiley men.

You may think that the household has been prostrate with frustration, cut off in our postprime...but no.
In spite of being severed from the net at two minute intervals, Mysweet has managed to put together his site to promote his latest project, the KOOL DRUM. He makes this musical instrument himself from recycled gas bottles and they sound wonderful. You can hear our Drummerboy playing one if you go take a look here on the kool drum site.


Mark In Mayenne said...

That's a seriously kool drum. Love it.

Zhoen said...

Very cool drums.

Good to unplug for a while.

Dingo said...

Those drums are fantastic!

Lia said...

Amazing drums.

Anyway we don't think you are unstable, more like a bubbling cauldron just waiting to go bubble over if the French flying spanners don't get you up and running soon.

Much love
Lia xx

marja-leena said...

Cool drums (how original of me)! As for unstable, Lia said it. Good luck!

Lucy said...

Nacelle eh; doesn't sound at all like a piece of heavy plant does it?

I'd give'em unstable if they don't sort it if I were you.

Off to look at kool drums.

Meggie said...

Love the sound of that Kool Drum!

Lauralee P said...

hello. just checking out new blogs and really like yours. feel free to come check out mine.