Thursday, November 13, 2008

On top of Things

I am running and running and don't seem able to catch up. I was webless at the start of NaBloPoMo and now I wonder whether to start my own month of daily posting... in December!

But the blog juices are not flowing as they should. It's your fault. Yes it is.
I have been reading your blogs and there are too many good ones.
Yes, I know there is a lot of crap out there too, but I mean yours, the good ones.

Instead of inspiring me, you are making me feel small and unworthy.
Fragile and furled, like the little greeny bit at the tip of a fern.

So, blog topics for today:

1 What is the best way to kill off Tom Dick and Harry for the freezer, (they are coquerels in case you are worried)? Mysweet has been talking about a traffic cone but my imagination keeps failing me...
2 Which are the best four songs written by Cole Porter (ready for the jazz workshop at the end of the month)?
3 What new song shall I prepare for my autist musicians that I can tell them is rap (although it might be folk rap, or jazz rap...)?
4 Will I have time to perfect Porridges training by the end of the month, when she enters her very first tracking competition and might win a SHINY CUP?

Perhaps I'll just leave it for now...


Mrs. G. said...

Happy one year. I, too, am running low on blog steam.

Jean said...

"you are making me feel small and unworthy. Fragile and furled, like the little greeny bit at the tip of a fern.": Tsk, the writer of this is so very far from small and unworthy in the writerly stakes!

Mrs. Chili said...

I very often feel that my writing life is best characterized by a "feast or famine" paradigm; I've either got far too much to say (and, of course, no time to say it) or I stare at the blank screen in utter mute frustration.

Basically, what I'm sayin' is "welcome to the world of a writer." It doesn't make you small and unworthy; it makes you a writer.

Here; you can come and sit by me...

Mike said...

Traveling around the blogosphere these days, it appears that everyone is running low. Perhaps it is the messed up global economy that has us all thinking about other things.

I used to think that I would come up with something good to write about once a week. Now it is more like once a month. I think its just the way it goes.

Zhoen said...

Ebb and flow, all the time.

Have heard Subterranean Homesick Blues as a kind of ska-rap, sounded amazing.

Anonymous said...

What Jean said to the power of 4 +
Night And Day
In The Still Of The Night
I’ve Got You Under My Skin
Just One Of Those Things

Rosie said...

Mrs G you are being coy, you with your three figure comments and ever flowing witty posts.
Jean you are one of the guilty parties, please tone down the quality of your posts and photos.
Mrs Chili...whatever you have to say I am always happy to read it. you have opinions on so many different subjects and a heart that is as big as the web...
Mike you always have something provoking to say and show...your spot the republican post is such an all time classic that you probably won the election for Obama.
Zhoen, you have a certain cranky odd thoughtfulness about your posts that I adore and identify with totally.
Dick, your poetic talents shine so brightly and seemingly effortlessly that I can only presume that you work night and day in secret.
My all time favourite Cole Porters are:
Love for Sale, so poignant when sung first listening was a Benny Hill version!
and Everytime We Say Goodbye...
both songs remarkable for the movement of their chords as well as their texts.
Goddammit the man was a total genius...dont start me off again or I'll get my three dots out...

By the way, I forgive you all for being such good bloggers and am proud to have you as my friends..

Margaret Cloud said...

I have also been spending a lot of time enjoying other blogs.

hexe said...

I am on low blogger steam too - I just keep posting photos :)

Regarding the coquerels, why not let Porridge play fetch with them? Two birds, one stone.