Friday, December 7, 2007

Across a crowded tearoom

With all the excitement of a teenager going on a blind date, I drove into town to meet another blogger for lunch. We met in a salon du thé, so I suppose that the risk of being dragged off by a white slaver was minimal, but still interesting to contemplate.

When you read someone's blog day after day, you get an idea of who they are, but how accurate is it? And how accurate is the impression of yourself given by your own blog? Is there not infinite opportunity for disappointment if neither of us measures up to preconceptions? And just because someone is capable of writing one word after another in a connected string with a full stop at the end, which was reasonably interesting to read, well, they had as long as they wanted to do it, didn't they ? It doesn't mean to say that they will be able to put words together on the hoof, and eat a tart at the same time.

And all this without wine, so as to give the incorrect impression that I don't drink much.

Did she notice that I am neurotic and self obssessed, and grabbed more than my allotted 50% of conversational air time?

Oh, I think it was OK... we both like Jane Austen and chocolate...


Lucy said...

I was rather astonished that I did it on nothing more than a pot of darjeeling ( I think I took more than my 50% of that too...)

On reflection, I think one of the advantages is that the blogging simply does quite a lot of the groundwork; you don't waste time establishing very basic facts about one another as you do when you meet someone completely cold, but then it does leave more interesting gaps to be filled.

I had a lovely time and I hope we'll do it again!

Rosie said...

yes lets do it might keep us off the computer for at least five minutes

hexe said...

How lovely that you have found a way to expand your blog world into your real life. I have not yet tried this other than some emails instead of posts. I too would have the same worries but might have succumb to a wee glass before leaving the house. Bravo!