Thursday, February 16, 2012

Scarf Envy

Lucy and Mol came round to escort the condemned dog (and owner) on a last good long walk before sterilisation (dog, not owner...).
Porridge was , if anything, even bouncier than usual. I do hope her personality will not be changed by the operation. Shy and retiring just would not suit her, and neither would fat and lazy...
I caught her eyeing up Mol's rather attractive scarf and wondering whether she would be able to steal it. It had a medical function as an ear cosy rather than a fashion accessory.

I am a bit worried about her operation on Monday, but when I see how well and quickly Emile has recovered, I have to admit that I am reassured.

She will probably have to have a large plastic funnel on her neck to stop her messing with the stitches.
I know, I'll tell her it's a scarf...


julia said...

ah yes, the Lampshade Look

I've been through that with 4 cats and 2 dogs, the cats took off their collars and removed their stitches, the dogs just looked goofy and pathetic

all the best for The Op

Lucy said...

Heheh! Good luck Porridge, child-freedom rocks!