Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mysterious fear and loathing in the night

It was 5 am and I awoke to the sounds of creatures in great pain. It must have been loud, because I was right upstairs in the studio in the loft. I turned over and relaunched the BBC iplayer, which is my usual way of dealing with insomnia. I don't sleep very much at this phase in my life, perhaps five hours a night in periods which are rarely longer than an hour, often much less. The noise died down and I felt that those suffering had found relief without my help.

My eyes still get tired so I cannot read for long periods, and the radio is my lifeline. The spoken word is very comforting, so my choice is frequently a play or comedy program. BBC iplayer for radio is available all over the world, unlike the television, which suits me fine.

I went down to the living room some hours later and discovered a body inside a sleeping bag next to the fire. His face was a couple of inches from that of the dog sleeping on her own mat in front of the fire. On the sofa was a mound of clothes that resolved into another corpse on inspection. All in all there were 13 of them in cupboards, on floors, here and there.

Darling D had performed a concert Saturday night, and the group had come back to party...

We all sat around a table laden with pork and pineapple for Sunday lunch, and , at last, I discovered the source of the terrible wailing and groaning.

They had been singing along with Celine Dion...


Lucy said...

That makes sense. Pork and pineapple, but did the hot dogs go on?

Zhoen said...


I used to sleep so beautifully... sigh.