Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Tender Trap

The unseasonal weather is still encouraging things that should be long dead or dormant to buzz around the house annoyingly. Dishes of food must not be left unattended or suicidal flies dive into them within moments. It is war...

My Sarracenia lurks on the window sill minding its own business. And its business is fatal attraction. I am glad it is on my side. We got it this summer and it has already doubled in size.

It is very fussy about the water it drinks (only rain water), and it has to be kept damp all the time. On the attention seeking scale it is second only to Porridge. But we do get to witness epic life and death struggles.

Ha! Got another one!


Zhoen said...

That's a win/win if ever I saw one.

julia said...

ooh! much nicer than those hanging yellow strips covered in struggling flies, the ones I always seem to end up stuck to by my hair!

Yes, last month les mouches formed an unpleasant welcoming party when I opened the shutters.

made up for by the tastiest raspberries still growing in the courtyard though

Lucy said...

Deadly beauty!