Thursday, November 17, 2011

Steely silence

There has been a silence on my blog, but not in the living room, where this steely monster is now installed. It dwarfs the piano, and I like the way that it is unembarassed by the little rusty bits on its frame.I have been spending my time biffing and bashing it. Somehow the fact that it is homemade makes it even more inspiring, and releases me from insecurities about my technique. The constraints imposed by its design make it an interesting challenge to compose on.

Of course, not everyone is equally impressed by it.

The unseasonal weather is having unusual effects on our local flora and fauna.
I met a neighbour staggering out of the forest laden with a selection of cepes unheard of at this time of year. It is down to the recent full moon and lack of frost so far.
The other less pleasant aspect has had us chasing round the house swishing fly swats and shouting 16 or 24, or 964, depending on the personal toll for the day. Yuck! Even the carnivorous plant is overloaded...


jane sutherland said...

oh we have the fly problem here - there are just two and my best beloved keeps trying to put an end to their lives with rolled up paper; towel, whatever comes to hand! Martha (our Porridge equivalent) finds it all rather distressing and has to leave the room! We have also had red admiral butterflies and a queen wasp or two visiting over the past couple of weeks. I just wish the frost would arrive - for heaven's sake, it's Christmas in far too few weeks. We need the winter to start. Hope that you are feeling okay. J

Zhoen said...

Oh, dunno. If an animal sits nearby, then you must be producing lovely sounds.