Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sported Out

At last , a few days holiday, so I put my feet up on a cushion on the table, try to warm my lap with the lap top and switch on the television for background mumbling. Our programmes are restricted to dire French tv or the basic four English channels obtained by pointing an aerial towards the channel islands and putting up with snowy reception.
And is there a girly romantic fiction to distract me? A film? Any sort of drama would do, well, except for soap operas.
Of course there isn't.
Lots of men running around pitches, either carrying or kicking a ball and using up lots of energy for no obvious reason. Is it to stop them fighting wars and channel their aggression? I don't really get sport. What is it for?
I will admit to watching tennis sometimes. Perhaps it is the gladiatorial aspect of one on one.
But team sports just leave me cold. Never mind, I expect I will be able to enjoy the sight of people skiing down steep mountains and jumping into the abyss a little later. I hope for their sakes that it is more fun to do than to watch.
It must be time for Porridge's walk...sigh...


amy said...

Oh, I envy you those four extra channels! (though on a Sunday that just multiplies the misery). Luckily we have a new promisingly bad Will Ferrell movie to watch.

Zhoen said...

Agreed, never quite got team sports either. Individual sports sure, surfing, skiing, gymnastics even. But not the crush of a mean crowd moving a ball. Complete mystery here.

Dingo said...

Although I've played team sports almost all my life, in the past five years, I've turned to more individual sports like extreme eating and sleeping. All a part of the maturation process, I guess.

Lia said...

Have you considered getting a free view box. I can't help thinking that if you can still get the normal 4 channels, that if you had a free view box you'd be able to get better pictures and more channels.
Just a thought.
Much love

julia said...

I refuse to return until I can get the BBC iPlayer in France!
Or can afford Sky TV
I have a good excuse, the wind turbines that the maire had installed in a fait accompli make it imposible to receive French TV, he should therefore either pay the Sky subscription or pass a law allowing me to watch iPlayer.
I suppose I could do without TV altogether but these days the old BEEB is my lifeline
As for team sports, b'ah humbug!

20th Century Woman said...

I'm with you on team sports. I, too, sometimes watch tennis. A little golf can be very relaxing -- just puts one right to sleep. And I think I might watch the ice dancing things at the Olympics. Maybe, and then again, maybe not.