Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Garden of Sound

Mysweet is very interested in making musical instruments out of recycled materials.

He makes a KOOLDRUM out of recycled gas bottles, but this leaves him with other unused parts of the original bottles.
A few days ago, I went out of the front door and found myself in this soundgarden:


Lia said...

I left a comment on you tube for you.

They remind me of church bells, but we don't hear them much any more here as when townies moved into the countryside they complained and as a result a lot of churches don't ring their bells any more to call us to prayer. It's an odd world.
Much love

dingo said...

I love it! How peaceful. And creative!

Suzy said...


Dick said...

When we visited you I was really taken with the recycled percussion instruments and I recommended them to Emma's school music department. Sadly, it was just the wrong side of the recession and budgets were being reined in. But it's schools where the market for such items would be found.

amy said...

They look and sound great - inspiring!

Meggie said...

This took me back, to other lives. with the sound of Temple Bells.

Rosie said...

Lia- I hope our neighbours dont complain. they are a bit loud in the storm
Dingo - well, peacefullish...compared to New York
Suzy- thanks darling
Dick- yes the recession is biting round here too
Amy- I am still trying to work out how to integrate them into a performance
Meggie- nice to see you out and about