Wednesday, November 4, 2009

All human life is here

Today we went to the Rosie May foundation home, delivered our school books and Kool drum and heard many Tsunami tales of heroism and human greed. Where were you when the Tsunami hit seems to be something naturally enough deeply embedded in everyone's psyche.
Already we had heard tales from Edward at Tescos. Tescos roof ended up on the sand behind the buliding. It needed to be reconstructed. How the bodies kept on being washed up for weeks afterwards...two or three a day on his beach. He needed psychiatric help afterwards.

Tales of enormous generosity. Our Tuc Tuc driver had a new vehicle bought for him by some american visitors. The owners of a jewel store near Galle had their shop rebuilt and stocked by a generous gift, and then local jealous people broke in and stole the lot so they had to start again, again... Some people have worked the system exploited it and are now richer than they were before, others are completely destitute. Human nature is the same everywhere in all its rich diversity.
It was a great pleasure to hear 20 little boys and girls aged 6 and 7 say 'Good morning' to us in their classroom with bright pictures on the walls. And see the artwork done by a tall shy seventeen year old who hung back smiling shyly in the hallway.


Zhoen said...

LIfe tests us in all sorts of ways.

Glad you got to bring a little joy.

Frankofile said...

Thanks for updating us. And for helping.

plainolebob said...

The true situations are some times never told simply burried, thanks for the insight.

plainolebob said...


julia said...

You know, I'd never thought of that... what became of the bodies of the people washed away. How terrible to be repeatedly faced by death on the daily tides.

Dick said...

A moving picture. How to acquire a sense of proportion and priority!

Lucy said...

I remember hearing about some British tourists who lost all their stuff and were actually given money and help by local people who had lost pretty much everything themselves.

True what Mouse said, and you don't hear much about that aspect of disasters.