Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Oh woe, disaster, and aaaargh

For a while now, as long as I can remember, where I teach singing to lovers of english pop, gospel, r n b...and jazz, the speakers that I plug into my laptop have not worked very well.
There is one reasonably large bass speaker 12" and two little trebles.
One of the trebles sits on top of the bass. The table is small and the laptop sits snugly between the speakers.

Sometimes the trebles dont work and sometimes it is the bass. I think the connections are a bit worn. Tonight, I couldnt believe my luck. All three were working for the first time...ever.
And, I had found the most wonderful mp3 on the web for my students.

The backing track to Walking On the Moon, by the Police.
But wonderfully mastered.
Loud and full of resonnance.

I turned up the volume and the room vibrated to the bass line -
bom ba bom... ching, bom ba bom... ching.

I danced ecstatically about the room and we sang like creatures possessed. The bass frequencies thrilled us and spurred us on.

Suddenly, there was a loud "CRACK".

I looked round, and saw that the treble speaker had fallen right into the open laptop. There was a flicker of light followed by a permanent darkness...and silence..



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Anonymous said...

LOL, oh well, at at least you got to hear the music properly.

Dingo said...

Oops, is right! But it sounds as if everyone was having a great time before your laptop decided to go into early retirement.

Frankofile said...

smile! you have it all backed up, with software disks for reinstalls as necessary. You do, don't you?