Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Intimacy and privacy

It was gospel time tonight with my "soul train" workshop.
I am invigorated, it was so exhilarating. The voices soar and blend and we make an unexpectedly good job of Jackie Wilson's Higher and Higher. My joy is infectious and the students are caught up in it. New chemicals are starting to soak my brain as the cycle swings around again. There is a me somewhere that is an innocent bystander and watches these changes bemused...
I no longer take medication because I find it much more devastating than the symptoms themselves. Better to ride that pony, keep a perilous seat in the saddle.
Best Friend in All the World was here over Christmas, how I love her, and I think of her tonight as I write this.
She says "How can people share their most intimate thoughts on the web? It is such an invasion of privacy."
I remember my most satisfying moments singing and performing on stage. It was when I shared a part of myself, when I really opened up to the audience and welcomed them in. I think that is what an artist does...offers a piece of themselves...there are a lot of you out there on the web that do it, and I thank you for it.


Anonymous said...

Of us all, the singers do it best. What a gift.

Zhoen said...

Not like I publish my address and library card number, now that would be private.

You bare your soul, so we can all see our own there reflected.

Rosie said...

Dick- musicians have the joy of an immediate reaction to a performance, and writing is more of a casting of breadcrumbs on the waters and waiting for a duck...I find
Zhoen- I do feel that I know you from what you have written, but I am sure there would be some surprises were we ever to meet.
It was very interesting to meet Lucy who lives close to me, and I met through blogging. She was the person I knew and had become fond of through her blog, but of course there was more to her as well!
I hope we shall all meet one day.
Is there a blogging festival to give us an excuse?

hexe said...

I think a blogging festival would be an excellent idea. A chance to put a face and a voice to people we have come to know a bit. Plus then I would get an opportunity to hear your lovely voice in person!

tristan said...

you plus jackie wilson sounds like a runaway chemical chain reaction

amy said...

The singing must've been such a release. Sometimes I can't stand the thought of rehearsing, and then once I get going I realize playing music's what's been missing from my life.

I love reading your details and know in person you must be even more complex and vivid.

Ms Mac said...

No no, thank you!

Lucy said...

Aw, that's a great post. Thanks so much.

julia said...

My ex-colleagues, ever bullies and beasts, recently derided me for sharing so much of my life in cyberspace until finally I changed blogs to lose them. I don't publish my identity or address and I don't name names but I do share my ups and downs and many people have told me how much it helps them to realise that we're none of us alone in this journey.
Incidentally, I can't sing a note and I so envy those who make music with their voices!

Rosie said...

I think I will have to come back to this subject on another post...it does interest me.
Those of us who are "professional" artists have an interest in attaching their art to an identity.
I think part of the problem is if one has a conventional employer and colleagues who are likely to read the bloggers musings...and be displeased! My employers are unlikely to be able to read my outpourings in English, so perhaps I feel a little freer...and there are a lot of different employers, so if any are upset, too bad!