Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Small Pleasures

seeing Drummerboy at weekends when he brings home his washing
Dorothy Sayers in particular and detective stories in general
walking in the forest next to the chateau
an uninterrupted night's sleep
Porridge chasing her noisy squeaky plastic chicken leg round the living room
cheeky monkeys (head massages)
my gospel singing group clapping their hands in rhythm exactly on the beat (2 and 4 of course!) and singing the phrase exactly right
fresh eggs from the chooks
wandering about internet finding new blogs and new music and friends
watching low brow tele with Darling D on a Saturday night, and cheering as creepy crawlies land on creepy "celebrities"
my autist students literally capering about because they are pleased to see me
tasting another of Mysweet's cooking experiments
drinking from the glass that my Dad engraved rather shakily with our family's initial. I was the last of the line before I married, and now no-one has that name that I know of as my relation...


Anonymous said...

A list to make me smile, especially your autist students...

Lucy said...

A lovely list! And I bet you hadn't stopped to think how much you enjoyed Porridge chasing her chicken leg!

Zhoen said...

Aw, Lucy took my comment. Well, fair enough.

Do enjoy Dorothy, too.

herhimnbryn said...

A lovely list. What l. and z. said too.

Mike said...

Fantastic list and it's always nice to stop and think about those things from time to time.

amy said...

What a sweet and simple list. And it's all free (or low-cost)! So important to remember when people keep talking about "how bad things are"...

meggie said...

A list to make me feel happy. I especially loved the glass!