Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Birds and the Bees and Birthdays

I came back home this morning from tracking with the dog on our usual cliff top...and the front of the house was alive with flowers and bees. I love the way this bee is sprinkled with pollen. (click on the photo to see)

The house looked as though it was wearing a corsage, and the well was draped with flowers. Note the traditional duvet airing on a rare sunny day!

And here are the boys, two of whom are for the pot in a few months, if we keep our nerve...

Today is Drummer boy's 18th birthday. He is moving out to his appartment in town next week and then he starts university in september. He is ecstatic and overflowing with life and newness and energy, and all that youthful sort of stuff that I vaguely remember.

He has crossed the bridge...and gone.

And we are...still here. It is a strange feeling.

I expect I will get used to it. Eventually.


Zhoen said...

Lovely day.

meggie said...

The Empty nest... has it's good parts & it's lonely pangs.

Rosie said...

empty nest...that must be why I am filling it with birds.

amy said...

I don't know how long it takes to get used to them leaving - sometimes it feels so new and raw, and my daughter's been gone two years. I saw a horse and her little colt running across a field yesterday and just started the same time, how excited you must be for your son!

And what a lovely house.

Rosie said...

yes amy he has really cut loose....except for the purse string of course