Friday, May 2, 2008

Smells like it might be dinner time

In the interests of harmony in the household, I thought that the sooner these two met the better. You will see my hand there ready to clamp jaws closed just in case retrieving might be on anyone's mind.

But a quick sniff and a lick did the trick.
I still wouldnt trust Porridge further than I could throw her.
(She is 29 kilos and I have a bad back)


Anonymous said...



ickle wickle kitten


Mind you, I once knew someone who bought a highly expensive pedigree chihuahua puppy. Brought it home. Put in in a cutesome box full of fluffiness. Cat came mozeying by... you can see where this is headed, can't you. Decapitation. On the grounds, presumably, that it was a rat.

Mrs. Chili said...


I'm SURE they're going to be fine. Porridge will love that kitten like her own, just you wait and see.

Leslie: said...

Hopefully Porridge will "adopt" the kitty as her own puppy. :D

Dr.John said...

I promise you they will get along or the cat will teach the dog a lesson.

Zhoen said...

Aw, dangerous love.

meggie said...

Friends have Goldens, & a now grown-up kitten. They get along fine.