Sunday, January 27, 2008

Up up and away.

The final tense seconds are ticking away as my sweet H stuffs his last minute essentials into his back pack. I don't know how people who actually live in India must manage without all these things. His latest is a folding bamboo frame to support his mosquito net, which he has just made himself in the garden…(the frame, not the net…)
Books have been mutilated (none of mine!) to cut down on his cabin weight and lots of things have been taken out of his bag and put back in again, with yet more essentials. This is what he means by travelling “light”. (We will not mention his folding stool for waiting at railway stations.)

I am worried that he has not yet completed the most important task of all before leaving. He has not measured the family so that he can bring us back silks and pyjamas and exotic things to wear. I’ll just pop out my measure and see what my tiara size is.

His train leaves St Brieuc at 5 am tomorrow: after that, the adventure begins…for us both.


Lucy said...

Bon voyage Jimmy, bon courage Gillian!

hexe said...

How exciting for him! I have found that when my husband is gone, that cereal and eggs for dinner is perfectly acceptable to my kids. Good luck!

Rosie said...

Thanks Lucy

It's funny you should say that Hexe, I have just been looking in the freezer to see what hunks of meat I need to use up before we start on girly vegetable stir fries and pasta for drummer boy. Men dont seem to think they have had a meal unless it once had hooves...