Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A walk on the wild (sea) side

I met up with fellow blogger Lucy yesterday to go for a walk on the icy estuary with our dogs. The meeting point was the SPA, (the French version of the RSPCA), at St Brieuc. I always have the vain hope that this will take a little of the bounce out of Porridge as we pass the plaintive cries of abandoned dogs, and that she might realise that this could be her fate if she doesn’t watch her step.

But of course it had no effect. Lucy was covered in paw prints in no time at all. I was worried that Molly the spaniel might not be robust enough to fight off the friendly attentions of Porridge, since she has recently been ill, but she held her own quite well for most of the time and firmly told Porridge where to get off. I was relieved that Molly was no longer wearing the bucket on her head that formed part of her recovery treatment, however. Porridge would have really liked to play with that, I am sure…

It was lovely to see Lucy again, now that that difficult first meeting was over, and we already knew that, surprisingly enough, we are both rather like the people we seemed to be on our blogs.
Armed with our cameras, we boldly trod through silt, sea water and sandy spit, and large quantities of ice, which we jumped upon like small children.(I am sorry Lucy, but someone must have seen us, so we might as well admit it). The sea was only just visible, the tide was so far out; the sky was clear, and every surface was sparkling.
Lucy was fastest at the draw when it came to getting her camera out but suffered from a technical failure, leaving the important task of recording the moment for posterity to me.
My failure was more artistic than technical, although I do like to blame the complex controls of the camera and my combined short and long sightedness, which make for an interesting juggling act between contact lenses and glasses. The fact that my pictures are rarely in focus simply reflects the fact that what I see is rarely in focus.

But here is the matching set of black and white dogs:

This happy interlude was followed by the usual teenage transport run, characterised by hanging about outside Lycée for those who had not remembered to charge the battery of their phone. I settled back remarkably quickly into my habitual bad temper, which was crowned by a "quick" visit to a supermarket. We fought for a place in the car park and battled through the teeming throng, all of them desperate to buy tinsel, or some such item without which life would have no meaning. My teenagers' vocabulary of expletives was once more extended.

Bah Humbug.


meggie said...

I have come to visit from Lucy.
I have met Molly, & lover her of course.
Now I see Porridge, & she is gorgeous too.
We have friends who have 2 Goldens. They are both just wonderful.
I am a bit of a dog nut.
Have enjoyed reading your posts!

Rosie said...

Nice to meet you meggie. Yes, dogs do creep into your heart and there isnt much you can do about it.

Lucy said...

Glad someone got a picture, however, it does rather give a false impression of an advantage of size on Moll's part!

Rosie said...

at least I avoided taking pictures of molly's bogeys. I have just realised that they inspired my next post. Does she realise that she is responsible for life on earth as we know it?