Friday, December 28, 2007

I had a dream

I don’t have them very often. I miss them.
Dreams, that is.
Even if you don’t remember them, everyone dreams. Except alcoholics. Alcohol suppresses REM sleep, and so withdrawing alcoholics catch up on their dreaming in ways that are not very pleasant, and often when they are not very asleep… Coffee has the same effect.
Obviously, yesterday I did not have sufficient wine and coffee.

But the dream was a quest, of the holy grail kind. As I try to remember it, it bursts like a soap bubble. No that isn’t quite true. With a soap bubble there is nothing left afterwards. But I am left with pieces of a mobile phone that don’t fit together, and a crushed SIM card. Oh and a mustardy yellow colour. I don’t know what was mustardy yellow, but something was. It was outside, because there was sky, and it was hot, and daytime.

And a quest. There is something really important, absolutely vital, that I have to do.

I wonder what it was.

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