Monday, December 3, 2007

Hedgehog Woman (ii) and Birdman

I’ve decided to move in the furniture, and put up curtains… and start to add links to the blogs that I have started to read and enjoy every now and then. Perhaps it was a little foolish to put a site meter in so soon, and in such an enormous font size...

In the spirit of meme, I tried to think of five things to do to stave off winter depression, and keep hedgehog woman out of the shoebox.

1 Abolish Christmas
2 Abolish Christmas
3 Abolish Christmas
4 Abolish Christmas
5 Go for a long walk by the sea side on a very windy day.

Number 5 was quite effective. It is hard to be anything other than exhilarated when being blown over by salty, gale force winds. But the best moment is when you get back in the car.

Here is birdman preparing for take off. He is lucky that I am here to bring him down to earth.

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Lesley said...

Slug Woman hears you Hedgehog Woman