Friday, November 30, 2007

The quiet of the library and the roar of the souk

The 30th of November is here. Do all the bloggers sigh with relief and start posting every week instead of daily? Since I only started my blog on the 8th of November, I don’t really know the rules yet. And I always think that it is best to know them before you break them. Anyway, I have found the process of posting daily quite invigorating, like going jogging (I imagine!).
I started the blog because I was writing a book about a character called Rosie who was loosely based on me. I wanted to see what Rosie’s voice would turn out to be, and “surprise, surprise”, she turned out to be very close to the original template.

The real surprise has been the delightful kingdom of blog. I have musical sites on Myspace, where I am bombarded with people trying to publicise their music, sell me ringtones and sneak vast jpgs of their CD covers onto my site. But here in blogland, we aren’t selling anything. People seem to read each others blogs because they are genuinely interested in each other and want to make contact, or am I being naïve?

Meanwhile, this is a link to the other, noisier me for the curious.

I’ll see you back here in the library, where we can hear ourselves think…


Lucy said...

I'm slightly abashed! Not only are you not a mustachioed stalker but you are a proper, professional, a bit damned good musician person!

I know of you and Etienne, and I'm fairly sure his aunty is one of my students, who showed me your album having been to one of your concerts.
I really enjoyed your Myspace site.

Rosie said...

thanks Lucy, now that I've "come clean", I feel happier about a meeting too! I was slightly worried that you might have seen one of my concerts at the Moulin, St Gueno, and shrieked "o no I didn't know it was you" when we met.I confess to an ulterior motive. I want to pick the brains of an English teacher. Let me know when you are free and the teas are on me.

hexe said...

I agree that people are looking for a "connection" in blogland. My mother refers to my blogging as having a penpal. In my non-blog life, my relationships are often based on husband and children. In blogland, I get to "communicate" with people who interest me. And I don't have to clean the house for people from blogland :)