Saturday, November 24, 2007

Porridge's guilty secret

Its no good. I can't keep the secret any longer. Porridge really has a pedigree as long as an arm and a leg, with as many names, and was bred by a Baronne in Belgium. I harbour secret longings to make her the start of a dynasty. To do that, I must make sure she is not only qualified for field sports, but she is also deemed beautiful by those in the know. We are forced to undergo the indignity of beauty contests at a dog show.

We have been so close to victory as to be almost able to smell it (2nd in her class last time) - but this is a serious business and we are up against professionals. We are trying again tomorrow at Laval. Will we get our first shiny cup?

I could not resist a peek into the small dogs hall at Nantes, (our last show), and I can show you how really serious a business it is there...

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Lucy said...

Oh I say! Laval's quite a way to go, you are serious!