Friday, November 16, 2007

Little Drummer boy

My son, drummer boy, is ecstatic. His group has gone from 5,000 to 20,000 responses on Google, after a concert that was well received. This is the way that you measure how famous you are these days.
I feel happy for him and slightly worried too. He is still at school. Supposing the music takes off, which it could, because he’s good.
Will he carry on his studies to get that “proper” job?
Be secure, have his life mapped out neatly ahead?

Or will he do what I did and follow his artistic Will O’ the Wisp?

I’m disillusioned with trying to make a living in music. It has become even more difficult when so many albums are for free on the web. I’m writing, and have started a novel, but cyberspace is flooded with words as well as music. I am dealing in yet another devalued currency. I feel as though I have traded in my ticket for the Titanic only to book myself onto the Hindenburg.
At least I’ll go out with a bang.

I’m glad it will be his decision and not mine.

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