Sunday, November 11, 2007

How to win friends without being under the influence

I am suffering from nouveau-blogger insecurity. Is there anyone out there? What is blog etiquette anyway? Do I go and skulk on other peoples blogs and make shy remarks from the corner of the room?

I need the cyber equivalent of a couple of Kir Royals to get my social juices flowing.

I know you can catch viruses from web exposure. Do I even want to be in a place where I can catch a cold, but not get drunk?

And which little enclave? Already, even in filling out my profile, unwelcome decisions about my identity and peer group are forced upon me. If I say that I live in Brittany instead of Bretagne, does it mean that I am still loath to accept the fact that I live in France, even after 15 years?
Surely I dont want to make friends with other English people who say they live in Brittany instead of Bretagne,
Or with old people who are my age,
Or singers,
Or people with annoying dogs,
Or anyone who would want to be friends with me?

Oh alright then...

Just as well my site has a genius rating - that should pack them in.

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Lucy said...

You'll soon get over it.

And why would you want to say 'Bretagne' unless you were writing in French? I spend half my time trying to persuade my students that we call it Brittany in English which avoids confusion with Britain... the other half is trying to stop them saying 'he said me' and 'I want that you do...' then looking puzzled because they don't know how to form a non-existent subjunctive.

Anyway, please keep blogging, and I'll put you on my sidebar so's I come here often. I don't actually keep up with many other French-based blogs...

hexe said...

I agree with Lucy - just stay with it. Slowly you find bloggers with whom you continue to connect. My first posts had no vistors but over time, I have developed a small but steady group that I enjoy reading and who continually come back to read my drivel. I'll keep checking back :)