Sunday, November 18, 2007

Global warming?

What a turbulent day! As I left the house at dawn for pistage, the wind was gusting. The crows were playing, throwing themselves off their perches only to be caught by the wind and flung upwards into the air. A family of buzzards lives in the valley next to our house. As I drove past, one of them took off into the sky with unusual ease, 18 inches of killing machine.
By the time I got to the cliff top, the wind was strong and biting.
The dogs leapt from the cars, overexcited and barking, running with the wind in their tails. We went for our customary walk before working them, and I was bowled over like a skittle by Porridge and one of her suitors who raced up from behind me. A fight broke out between a collie and an alsatian who both had their eye on Porridge.
I finally managed to separate “Lydia” from her admiring officers and tried to get her to work.
She bolted and stole her objects from the field, kept them to chew, and wouldn’t come to heel. I fell over again, this time caught by the wind. Feeling that enough was enough, I drove home and spent the afternoon in bed with a new detective novel and chocolate, while the rain beat on my window and Porridge sprawled in front of the fire.

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